Charlie Siem: Teaching

Biggleswade, England (November 2011)

Leeds, England (November 2012)

Burlington, North Carolina, USA (December 2013)

Masterclass: Zwolle, Netherlands (March 2014)

Valletta, Malta (October 2014)

Masterclass: Manhattan, New York, USA (November 2015)

Masterclass: London, England (November 2015) 

Masterclass: Hong Kong, China, (November 2015)

Valletta, Malta (April 2016)

TED talk: St. Andrews, Scotland (April 2016)

Florence, Italy (May 2016)

Nanjing, China (1 September 2016)
Nanjing, China (7 September 2016): 
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"Thank you, Charlie Siem!" - on behalf of students, parents and teachers throughout the world who have attended your masterclasses, talks and performances.  By sharing your time and experience with us, you have earned our respect. Please remember that we continue to be inspired and motivated by your example, long after you have moved on to other destinations on your fascinating journey. May all of your dreams come true!
E.C. (Webmaster) 

Masterclass in Manhattan, NYC, November 2015

Masterclass at Royal College of Music, London, November 2015
Masterclass in Hong Kong, November 2015
Masterclass in Hong Kong, November 2015
Charlie Siem